I want to leave my constantly-drunk husband but don’t know if its right to do…

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I have been married for 3 years and have been with my hisband for 8. We met in our early 20’s and I got pregnant very early on so we married and made a life together. We went on to have two children. Life together is fine, our children are wonderful and I love them. However, my husband is a bad drunk and his drinking has become much more of an issue over the years, he will drink excessively every time he goes out which is a few times a month. He is a really unattractive drunk, he talks nonsense and I have found myself falling out of love with him over the years. He will never give up the drink, its part if his culture and he has made it clear that I’m the one with the problem for disliking him drunk. We have just spent two weeks abroad with the children and did not spend the night together once, I am no longer attracted to him in that way. We are both 30 now and it hurts to think of me breaking up our family over this but the attraction is very long gone, we are simply friends raising kids now although he doesn’t want to call it a day. I feel very alone in my decision making over this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I believe you should look out for the wellbeing of you and your children.You need not feel guilty. Let him go and find himself and if its meant for you to reunite with him later it will be. Life is to precious and sweet for you and your children not to enjoy. Stop worrying about what others may think of you, they are not walking in your shoes. Alcoholism is a disease and if one is not serious about getting some help all its going to do is cause you and your children more heartache and pain. Pray for him from a distance.LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN.GOD BLESS YOU AND LEAD YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

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