I am so confused!

Please hide my identity,

I am so confuse and don’t know what to do. My father and my stepmother have three kids and they are married. While they were married, my stepmom cheated on my dad with a different man. I have been dating this guy for almost six years now and I love him very much. This is the problem, my boyfriend and the guy my stepmother cheated with are brothers.

Since my boyfriend and I have been dating, my dad has been on my back that I shouldn’t date him, whenever I ask my dad, why he always gets mad and start yelling at me, the only thing he says is that he doesn’t like my boyfriend and his family. I kept on dating him because that is not an excuse for him to tell me to leave the person that makes me happy. My dad also went as far to my boyfriend parents to tell them that they should tell their son to leave me alone or else he will

Whenever my boyfriend sees my dad and try speaking to him…my dad never answer. To call all story short, my dad just told me that he don’t want to see me with my boyfriend and his family because his wife cheated on him with my boyfriend brother and my youngest sister is my boyfriend’s brother daughter and if i keep dating him….he my dad will do something to harm himself or he will never talk to me. I need some advice so please help me.

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