How Do I Set Myself Free From Him? Help!


400 bikeDear AWM and fans, I am in need of prayer, intervention, advise and everything else that you and your fans can offer. It all started right when I had just finished my secondary school, and lost my father at the same time. I was in distress and had no one to turn to. One fateful day, as I was walking out of the bank where I went to apply for a part time job, I came out of the building, I hopped on the bike and not long after I noticed a Mercedes following behind us. He honked his horn and asked the bike driver to pull over, which he did. He offered to give me a ride to where ever I was going. I accepted, he paid the bike driver off, and eight years later, I am stuck with this man who refuses to let me go.

He has done every a girl could ask for. He sponsored my education throughout University, and took care of my aging mother.  Last year of school, I met and fell in love with a young man in my school. We have future plans to marry and start a family. The only problem now is that this older man(who by the way is now 75-years-old) would not let me go. He doesn’t care that I have a boyfriend, but he just doesn’t want me to get married. I have begged, I have forced, and I have threatened him. His wife knows about me and has already accepted the fact that I am dating her husband. My family knows him and vise versa. He said that the day I leave him, he’d send someone to kill me and my fiancé. How do I handle this? How do I free myself from him? Please help me!!!!!! [adsenseyu1]


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