HELP! My Husband is Jealous of My Success!


First posted on African Wedding Magazine on September 4, 2012
My name is Joan, a wife and a mother of three beautiful kids. The whole trouble began when i got a job and started working after haven been out of work for many years. And since I started working, I have become the sole provider in the family.
My husband has refused to have anything else to do with the up-keep of the home.These days, he just comes back from work, have his dinner (never minding… that it was prepared with money that I made), and act indifferent.It seems like all he really wants is to sit back and watch me fail; he constantly pull off different tricks and delay tactics to ensure that I arrive at work late.And each time there is an argument in the home, it usually end up with him getting physically abusive towards me. And this doesn’t stop until neighbours intervenes.

I have also notice that he is always looking for an opportunity to embarass me, even in the presence of his friends or mine.

He went to his boss and wife and told them ridiculous lies about me. And when was confronted about it, i found myself defending myself against his lies.
He wants evryone to hate me. At this point, I’m really tired and confused, and quite frankly, scared for my life.

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3 thoughts on “HELP! My Husband is Jealous of My Success!

  1. I believe every marriage should be founded on love and once its lost there’s fire on the mountain. There is clearly communication gap in your marriage. Both of you need Jesus in your hearts and lives for starters. Sit him down and talk, if he still love you love you or not etc. Pray and hand everything over to God. Another thing is to talk to a matured God fearing Elder, who has a stable home and whom you both respect, you need godly counsel.
    Please this is the time you need to be strong and be very prayerful. Submission might not be easy but you need to be submissive to your husband in all things (Eph. 5) and in turn must love you. I pray all will be well with your home in Jesus name (Amen) Shalom

  2. Hello my names is kenesha i have married to a woundfull man and we have a baby boy and now he dont have anything to do with me and i fine out that he have a next woman but we r still married i need my husband back with me and his son please help me

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