Supermodel, Tyra Banks doesn’t miss her modelling days-that’s how you know someone who’s truly lived the life

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Former supermodel and creator of “America’s Next Top Model,” Tyra Banks doesn’t miss her modelling days. I think that is how it’s suppose to be. And that is how you know someone who’s truly lived the life.In a recent interview with Parade, she said:

What do you miss most about the days when you were just a model?
“I don’t miss modeling very much because I have America’s Next Top Model, so for the past ten years I’ve been creating photo shoots, executive producing the television show, and doing a lot of photo shoots myself. I do look back to those modeling days when it was just some people on your nails, somebody on your hair, somebody on your makeup, and you’re just like, ‘What angle am I going to do today?’ So it was a pretty non-challenging life in terms of not having to micromanage and wear so many different hats, but it wasn’t easy. There’s a lot of isolation with modeling, you’re by yourself constantly, there’s a lot of people telling you to lose weight and that you’re not good enough — your hair, your skin — there’s a lot of pressure.”

I guess looking back at her life and how much she has achieved and contributed to humanity/society, one can admit that this intelligent and incredibly gifted woman has truly lived a good life worth emulating. She truly has impacted so many lives.

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