Fatima and Osagie Fabulous Wedding:Sierra Leonean + Nigerian Connection

She is Sierra Leonean, and he is Nigerian, Fatima and Osagie meet in Austin, TX 5 years ago at a soccer game where the Osagie plays professional soccer for his league. He spent the better part of the day talking to his friend about Fatima in pidgin English, thinking that she would not understand. Even when she started laughing, he continued mocking her (about how beautiful she is). She finally turned around and answered him saying “thank you”. At first he was shocked that she understood what he was saying. But they later made up, he asked her out, and they’ve been together ever since.

Not long after they started dating, he asked her to marry him and she said yes, of course. The traditional ceremony took place at the brides parents home in Houston, tx. While the Church wedding followed also in Houston, TX.

Jade African and AWM wishes the newly wed marital bless. Enjoy the photos!

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sierra-leaon-bride -nigerian-groom sierra leonean wedding muslim

sierra leonean bride nigerian groomn fatima-osagie-traditional -wedding sierra leonan bride nigerian groom10151634099933839_1807397575_n Fatima-osagie-wedding

Fatima and Osagie wedding

sierra leone bride nigerian groom0n

sierra leonian wedding 01_n sierra leonian bride nigerian groom0n

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