Dear AWM, What do you think of having a Baby before marriage?

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Hi AWM. What do you think of  having a child before marriage?

My boyfriend and I have been dating since 2011. Well, we broke up once for quite a while but we later worked things out. Since we got back together he really wants a baby.

At first I thought it was because I wanted to go abroad 4 my masters but even when I told him that I postponed it, he still wants a baby. Well, he says that he feels that we’ve wasted time apart and  he wants a family with me asap.  

He is 31  and I am 23 (I don’t mind the age difference). We’ve been talking about baby names, he been talking about marriage , but he is never specific. It looks like he wants us to first have a baby before we get married. He is planning to take me to his home soon and he keeps on reminding me to have pregnancy tests just to confirm.

AWM, I have been taking emergency pills behind his back to prevent getting pregnant because I’m afraid of ending up a single mum. I do love him, what do I do??

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3 thoughts on “Dear AWM, What do you think of having a Baby before marriage?

  1. Please get onto regular contraception. Emergency contraception is dangerous when taking for a long period of time. And really, it does not make any sense to have a child before getting married if you are contemplating marriage, what is the rush?

  2. Young lady,
    What is the point of gettin pregnant now wen u r stil goin to have kids after marriage. I’m sure you don’t want to have a child that’s referred to as a b****rd cos that’s d name for kids born b4 and out of wedlock. Don’t let you child carry a curse wen u can prevent it. Tell him to allow you both get married 1st then you can have kids. Don’t allow God who is you boths creator be angry with you. He has warned us so don’t disobey. Make your BF see reason to it and pray for wisdom to allow him assimilate your plight.
    Wait, 1st of all, have you prayed about him as a choice of partner? Bcos if you did…. Well figure out the rest yourslf.
    The lord hlp u, amen,

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