Dayna and Ryan Beautiful Richmond Virginia Wedding

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“When I took Ryan home with me for Thanksgiving for the first time, I knew he was the one,” spills Dayna. “The way he interacted with my family, but most importantly with my Dad, was just an amazing sight.” Continue the story at


For her ceremony gown, lovely bride Dayna chose this pretty A-line Wtoo style with a ruffled skirt. She admits to traveling to at least four or five different bridal gown shops and trying on quite a few gowns before uncovering this fantastic find. “It was by far the most difficult decision to make regarding the wedding,” she says.


“I always knew I wanted to get married in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia,” says Dayna. “The moment Ryan and I started talking about what our wedding day would be like, we knew we didn’t want traditional venues.” The modern couple settled on the Edgar Allen Poe Museum for their ceremony and the Main Street Train Station for their reception.




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  1. At last you made it, winner takes it all, let peace unity trust be your goal, respect each order, wife respect your husband he is the man of the house the head of the family you knows your responsibility prayer is the key the master key .

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