Coward South Africans burn down homes belonging to Nigerians in Johannesburg

These shameless  cowards South Africans, who call themselves “born free” only know how to attack their fellow Africans. The white evaders who came in and stole their lands, raped their mothers and murdered their fathers while refusing to leave, are walking free and they can’t stand up to them. Their main target are Zimbabweans, Ghanaians, Nigerians and other people of African descent. They tend to forget that they are not the only country with foreigners. There are foreigners in every part of the world. People move all the time. Even American citizens, as powerful and wealthy as their country is, travel to other places for work or for love and every thing else. Myopic minds. Keep it up, fools. jealousy and envy will get you everywhere!

Anyways, residents of Rosettenville in Johannesburg on February 11,  went on a rampage burning 10 houses they claimed belonged to Nigerians running drug dens and brothels in South Africa.

According to the angry residents, they said Nigerians have been running illegitimate businesses in the country.
 Speaking to Sowetan Live, Albert Mwenza, a Malawian man and his family who were living at one of the buildings that were burnt narrated his ordeal.
‘When a larger group came back, I was told to leave, but I refused. I was then forced out. Some of the people jumped over the wall into the house and stole our belongings.
‘They then threw petrol bombs. Everything else that was left inside was burnt to ashes. I am sad because we are innocent and have nothing to do with drugs and brothels.’
Albert and his family are said to sleeping in the street of Johannesburg since the occurrence of the incident.
Another Malawian living in the house said he was at work when the commotion started. Yufusu Alie, 32, shared the bedroom with his wife and four young children.
‘There was R24000 in the house which I was supposed to send home. I do not know what my family and I are going to do. We have not eaten since yesterday and the clothes we are wearing are the only clothes we have left,’  Alie said.
It was however revealed that the South African Police Service  SAPS is investigating  the incident.
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