Houston couple arrested after police say they set a 4-year-old child on fire for ‘being bad’

Houston couple who are accused of setting a 4-year-old girl on fire while she was strapped into a car seat last April have been charged.

According to KPRC-TV, the 4-year-old girl was staying in a Texas motel room with her aunt, Veronica Deneen Harris, her cousin, Christen Deuante Rogers, as well as several other children.

The child told police that while they were staying in the motel room, she was “strapped into a car seat by her aunt Ronni because she was being bad.”

During this time, authorities said Rogers held a lighter to the girl’s stomach. The child, who was only wearing a diaper, caught fire and received burns to more than 30 percent of her body. According to court records, Harris did not take the child to the hospital until the next day.

Harris and Rogers initially told police they were using alcohol to treat the child’s mosquito bites and wind carried a flame from a nearby cigarette lighter onto the child’s body.

After investigators gathered enough evidence to prove the pair’s story was inaccurate, charges were filed against them.

Harris is charged with serious bodily injury to a child by omission, while Rogers is charged with injury to a child. Children’s Protective Services has taken custody of all of the children connected to the incident.




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