Conversation Between a mother & her daughter… Happy Mother’s Day/ Europe & Africa

Daughter : Mom are you ok?

Mom: Yes hunny, I’m ok *smiles*.

Daughter : But you don’t look ok mom…!

Mom: Sweetheart I have to tell you a secret….

Daughter: What secret mom?

Mom: I left something for you at home in my drawer, its in a brown envelope…

Daughter: Is it money mom?

Mom : Just look for it when you get home. Now I need to rest…

Daughter: why mom?Whats wrong?

Mom: Nothing dear…mommy is gona be okay…

Daughter: Promise me mom?

Mom : Mommy loves you okay!

Daughter: Love you more mom…

And those were the mom’s last words to her daughter. She passed away shortly after her daughter left her bedside to go home. When the daughter got home, she went straight to her mom’s room in search of the brown envelope… and thanks God she found it right where mom said it would be. It was a letter written by mom. It reads;

My dearest baby, I know your life will never be the same without me, and things will be tough at least for a while. But I just want you to know that mommy loves you. I did what I did to protect you. They had to transplant one of my kidneys to you so that you can survive. Now, the only one I have left have started failing and there’s nothing more the doctor can do for me at this point. I know I should have told you sooner, but I just couldn’t because I knew it was would break your heart. Take care of yourself darling. I will always be there with you in your heart. Yours truly, Mom.

Upon reading this and knowing the sacrifice of her mother, the daughter broke down and wept. To anyone reading this, be sure to give your mother a hug and tell her you love her. Mothers are precious.

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers across Europe and Africa.


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