This chubby woman claims Usher exposed her to Herpes [Video]

A woman named Quantasia Sharpton has come forward to accuse Usher of exposing her to herpes.

Quantasia held a press conference alongside her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, and said that she had sex with Usher without knowing he had the virus. She said she was picked by Usher out of a crowd at one of his concerts while celebrating her 19th birthday. He got her number and then they eventually had sex. Quantasia says she does NOT have Herpes, but feels violated for being put at risk.

Her lawyer Lisa Bloom went on to say she doesn’t know for sure if Usher has herpes, but there are media reports saying just that and he hasn’t said otherwise. She’s filing a lawsuit on behalf of 2 women (including Quantasia) and 1 man, all of whom claim they have had sexual contact with Usher since his alleged diagnosis.

She says 1 of the remaining clients — either the man or woman — has tested positive for herpes.


Meanwhile, look what the internet dug up. They are saying this is her and Usher dancing.


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