CEO of Malivelihood Luxury now claim the gold-plated iPhones souvenir at GEJ’s daughter’s wedding were gifts from him


The CEO of Malivelihood Luxury is speaking out in wake of criticism received by president Goodluck Jonathan’s camp for supposedly gifting out tons of customized gold-plated iPhones as souvenirs to guests at his daughter’s wedding ceremony last weekend.



Malivelihood now swears that those iPhones are basically gifts from him on behalf of his company to the president as a show of support, while stressing that the presidency had no knowledge of the gifts, or his intention to present the gifts. Nor was he or any member of his entourage involved in any way, shape or form(well, not in so many words. But you get the message…lol).


Malivelihood Luxury has since deleted the controversial post which started all this.


My opinion; the president doesn’t have to explain himself about every single action he takes, especially on private family matters such as this. This is his daughter’s wedding, for Pete’s sake! He should be allowed to go above and beyond if he so wish.


Besides, the man is well known and has friends in high places. Not to forget that he, too has his own money. Since he can afford to gift whatever souvenir he so wish, why not? Just because the country is in it’s present state doesn’t mean that everyone has to walk on eggshells. There are worst things happening that need to be dealt with instead of focusing on how the president spent his own money on his daughter’s wedding.


Secondly; the Malivelihood guy did not have to explain to anyone.  Clearly, he is less than honest about this new claim. But he doesn’t have to lie to cover for the President. People can see right through him. Nobody is a fool. His recent post only does more harm than good.The president has a right to have whatever kind of gift he chooses at his daughter’s wedding.


Anyways, check out his post below;

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