Cameroonian pop singer, Dencia, before and after Bleaching her skin with “Whitenicious”

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Dencia’s skin bleaching product, Whitenicious (intended for removing dark spots from your skin, and help you live blemish-free) has taken more heat than Dencia could have anticipated. But maybe that is a good thing for the pop singer who has repeatedly boasted that the negative publicity received since launching this product has done more good than harm, boosting her product sales to 1000 percent. Well, I guess that remains to be seen.

According to Dencia,

“Whitenicious by Dencia” for dark spots which clears dark spots caused by anything from acne, wounds, hyper-pigmentation bruises etc… on any part of the body. It works on all skin types including sensitive skin and “Whitenicious by Dencia” for dark knuckles, knees and elbows. A lot of people suffer from hyper-pigmentation on these areas and this product clears up the pigmentation to match the rest of your skin. It can be used on all skin types and everyone from white to black.

Meanwhile, check out Dencia’s before and after photos, as well as stage by stage result of Whitenicious.



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2 thoughts on “Cameroonian pop singer, Dencia, before and after Bleaching her skin with “Whitenicious”

  1. so will she continue using the whitenicious yet 4 weeks after she has already become white wat of a year. hope she knows skin cancer exists

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