Blue Ivy is a spitting image of the child Jay Z denies is his…see photo for yourself

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Jay Z and video model Shenelle Scott dated for many months – then a child was born. Jay Z was interviewed and asked if the child was his, and Jigga denied it. He has consistently said that the child was not his.

Jay is said to have paid $1 million to keep his name off the birth certificate, which prompted a response. Although Jay-z’s camp have somewhat dismissed the rumors outright, via a statement released to, the people at Hip Hop Weekly (HHW) feel that they are still in the air.

Shenelle Scott revealed that the Malik Sayeed was not the father although his name appeared on the certificate of birth and when asked about Jay-z being the father, she declined to answer, leaving the question up for debate.

“An anonymous representative for Jay-z released a statement on stating, ‘There is no truth to these ridiculous rumors.’ The statement appears to deny the rumor that Jay-z paid a million dollars to keep his name off of the birth certificate and never  states whether or not Isa Jael is, in fact, Jay-z’s son.”

Scott goes on to talk about her relationship with Jay, how they met and how Beyonce should not be threatened by her, even though she still speaks to the rapper.

Well below is picture of  the two kids, Blue Ivy and Shenelle Scott’s child. You decide if they actually look alike…



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6 thoughts on “Blue Ivy is a spitting image of the child Jay Z denies is his…see photo for yourself

  1. How can you do that Jay he will not be a little boy for ever and when he become a Man how are you going to look your son I the eyes and tell him the reason you did not claim him as your son you wipe what you sole.And beyonce and a mother and a women you should be ashame of yourself to let that go on we know he married you but what if the shoe was on the other feet you would not like that just remember your are the first to be cheated on and won’t be the last.

  2. I think he looks like him, but at the end of the day looks can be receiving so take a DNA n get it over with. Cause if its your take care of your child just like you do with the rest of them. N ifbibwas with a man in it came up yes we fina take a text, because ill want to know to. So be a man n do what you need to do.

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