Blac Chyna’s mom says Wendy Williams’ constant harassment is affecting her health & businesses…

Shebi Wendy Williams wants wahala since she can’t seem to stay the hell away from Blac Chyna and her family. Well, na wahala she go get. Lol….

Tokyo Toni, mother of Blac Chyna, took to her social media to accuse the talk show host of causing her to suffer some health crisis as well as lose money in her businesses. Below is what she wrote;

Close your eyes to ignorance & Gain knowledge!! @wendyshow I am headed to hospital due to you!! My anxiety is popping off!! To hear people say you are talking about me daily in a negative light has finally taken a toll on me!! I will send you the bill!!! @wendyshow ! Everyday you speak my name in a totally wrong way! To say” These untrue things and have a platform!! Imma show you how the game really goes!! You have stopped my businesses due to DEFAMATION and Harassment daily! $ my money is depleting due to me not being able to go into the public.. with harassment!! You have fans that has began to create a lane to hurt me on social media and in my businesses ” I have a new business called ” Celebrity Uber”and I can’t make money due to your ignorance to the public!!! Stop saying my name in a negative light!! I am going to do an ass in the paper to ask you to stop as well! If u say my name again it will be filed!!


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