Bishop TD Jakes wears Agbada (Nigerian attire) at daughter Sarah Jakes’ wedding [photos]



Check out this never-before-seen photo of TD Jakes at his daughter’s wedding. The preacher is pictured here, wearing an Agbada, a popular Nigerian attire for men, dancing with his daughter Sarah Jakes Roberts, 25.

Sarah wedded her beau of 8-months, pastor Touré Roberts, 41, in an intimate beachside ceremony while overlooking the beautiful sunset. This is Sarah and Touré’s second marriage. Both have five children between them from previous marriages.

Sarah, a writer, shared her testimony in her memoir, “Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life.”

“If you had told me the girl who got pregnant at thirteen and felt like the black sheep child of America’s favourite preacher would now be a twenty-five-year-old single mom, divorcée, author, motivational speaker, TV personality, ministry director, and senior editor, I never would have believed you,” she wrote.

“But knowing it’s true, that I’m all these things and so much more now, I’d say the only way to get your bearings and find yourself is to trust that you were never really lost,” she continued. “Amid all your twists and turns, perhaps you simply haven’t discovered the right direction yet. God loves the lost. And He loves to help us find our way when we turn to Him and ask directions.”

Meanwhile, earlier today, she shared the above photo on her social media pages to celebrate the Bishop’s birthday. She wrote:

“Books will be written about your accomplishments. Kings will use your wisdom for decades to come. Presidents will trust your insight in the darkest times… But your daughter will treasure the beauty of your soul, relentless spirit, and uncanny ability to be real in her heart. You’re something like my hero and I’m grateful God trusted my life to be covered by you. Happy Birthday, daddy! T.D. Jakes Ministries.”

Also check out some photos from the ceremony last years.





Source: Sarah Jakes Roberts Instagram/Facebook

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  1. : ) : ) : ) Congrat-ula-tions Congra-tula-tions to the ama-zin-g bride! I wish you many ye-ar-s of happy wedded life a-nd many child-re-n! : ) May God Bless you! : ) : ) : )

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