Beyonce’s new photos outrage fans after blocking out Jesus Christ in ‘Last Supper’ image-does Beyonce really think she’s God now?


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This is becoming a pattern. Beyonce has once again caused outrage among  fans after posting an Instagram picture of  herself and blocking out Jesus Christ while posing in front of a painting resembling Leonardo DaVinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ depicting Jesus’ last meal with His disciples before the cruxifiction.

Sitting directly in front of Jesus at the center of the table, the “Bow Down” singer can be seen wearing a tight green pencil skirt and bustier as she looks over her shoulder and stares into the distance.

Critics immediately started condemning  the photo calling it an “epic fail”, another said that even though she loves the singer, Beyonce will never be God.

“Set the picture of the Last Supper behind her. I think she’s going a little too far and her head is getting a little too big,” said another user.

Some users even supported the mother-of-one, and called her “Beysus” and wrote “Praise Beyonce”.

Beyonce was recently involved in another controversy when she was criticized for using audio clips from the 1986 Challenger tragedy for her love song ‘XO’.

Check out some of the comments from angry fans, below;

beyonce-screen-shot-jadeafrican-2014-01 beyonce-screen-shot-jadeafrican-2014-02 beyonce-screen-shot-jadeafrican-2014-03 beyonce-screen-shot-jadeafrican-2014-04

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One thought on “Beyonce’s new photos outrage fans after blocking out Jesus Christ in ‘Last Supper’ image-does Beyonce really think she’s God now?

  1. Like Miley, the child is seeking attention, the difference being she has reached a level and maybe not the pinnacle of her career/life and she does not know where next to go. And maybe after some deep thought and an examination of the options came up with this choice. Therefore, being “The Christ” is the next best thing; it is a good thing to want to emulate “The Christ”. However, it is my hope that as “The Christ” she does as is recorded of him, and does it for the benefit of ALL not self. Do not delude brain washed fans, if there are. Being “The Christ” is a tough job.

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