Beyonce’s father’s baby mama sob uncontrollably as she and son move into a homeless shelter


Alexsandra Wright, Beyonce’s father’s baby mama weeps uncontrollably as she and her 4-year-old-son, Nixon move into a homeless shelter.


The picture above shows a distraught Alexsandra sobbing uncontrollably as her son, Nixon tries to console  her.

Like seriously, how is this even possible? How do you go from collecting $12,000 monthly in child support to going broke and practically homeless? Any responsible mother would save part of the money for rainy day such as this.


Is this Alexsandra’s shameless way of getting Beyonce’s  attention? Or is she just trying to embarrass the super star by publicly shaming her entire family?


Truth be told, she is only embarrassing herself because, just as I am questioning her motives, so are millions of people reading this, and wondering the same thing as I am. I am so disgusted by her actions, her misguided sense of entitlement, and her need for attention. This is absurd.

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