Beyonce and Jay-Z reportedly cut all associations with Kim and Kanye.Jay & Bey believe Kim and Kanye are damaging their *power couple* status….



We all know by now that there is a major rift between former BFF’s, Jay Z and Kanye following his and his wife’s absence at Kim and Kanye’s wedding. And to confirm that all isn’t well, Kanye West took a cheap shot at Jay Z during his concert a few weeks ago, making reference to the now famous Solange-Jay Z elevator beat down.


Now, sources close to the four-some are spilling the tea to Ok!  that Beyonce and Jay Z are cutting all ties with Kim and Kanye West. And as for the reason why? Beyonce reportedly never liked Kim in the first place, and she and Jay Z believes that being constantly associated with Kim and Kanye is damaging their reputation as a power couple.





An insider tells OK! that Jay Z and Beyonce have ceased all contact with pal Kanye West and his bride Kim Kardashian, who had spent the last two years pushing to get closer to the stars.

“When the rappers were on tour, Beyonce was forced to sit with Kim at shows and hang with her after, and she put up with it through gritted teeth,” says the source.Continue…


Now the newlyweds have even been spending more time at their New York apartment, just two blocks away from Jay and Beyonce’s home there, in a bid to get North to Bond with Blue Ivy. However, the insider says the superstars are fed up with being associated with the Kardashian brand.

“Bey and Jay feel like they’ve been dragged through the mud with all the drama surrounding their absence at the Kimye wedding,” says the source, adding that Jay has actually been moving away from his former BFF for some time.


“Jay made it clear to Kanye that he doesn’t approve of the choices he’s making in his personal life and it will end in disaster for his career.”




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