Best S*x Position For Your Man’s Zodiac Sign

One of the most romantic thing you could do is find out your man’s sex position according to his zodia signs. You could try to surprise him every ones in a while with his best sex position without even asking him first.



ARIES-Aries lovers are fast, and enjoy’s a bit more active sex life, some may even consider them a bit rougher than the average person. So, to get on his level, challege him with rear positions like the “bootyful view.” This allows for a deeper penetration and gives him reasonable control(we all know how men like to be in control during sex). You could also let him sit up on the bed with his legs extended horizontally to allow easy access. Turn around, straddle him with your back facing him. Extend your legs behind him and just relax your torso between his feet.



TAURUS: The Taurus man is into sensual, slow sex. So you could incorporate the missionary position into your sex life, but let him control the pace while he shows his caring nature at the same time.



GERMINI: “These are the masters of the quickies.” Try standing up facing him as he presses you against the wall. Yum!



CANCER: Cancer lovers are indecisive lovers and can have personalities splits during sexual activities. So, when in doubt,  try ” girl on top”, so you can take chatge in case he decide what to do next. You can always start and let him join you and take the lead if he needs to.



LEO: Leos are very romantic and will go the extra mile to make things comfortable for you in bed. They’ll go for any kinds of romantic gestures. Try “spooning” positions before, during, and after sex. This allows him the chance to touch all over your body. And don’t fail to cover him with lots of neck kisses…Leos like that.



VIRGO: The Virgo man likes to keep it really clean and classy in bed. No complicated stuff or moves. They generally are generous lovers in bed and pleasing you is their ultimate goal. So,the advise is, just free yourself and let him take over.



LIBRA: A Libra is direct to the point kind of lover. He is excellent in bed and impressing you is his aim. So, when in bed, be spontanous and try something new everything, he’ll catch up fast. Here’s a tip; let him pick you up every-once-in-a-while, wrap your legs around his waist and let him take it from there.


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SCORPIO: The Scorpio man treat sex just as they treat communication in relationship. They are excellent in sharing their feelings before, during, and after sex. And sex is another way by which they communicate their affection towards their partner. Make lots of eye-contact during sex, show him you are 100 percent commited to him.



SAGITTARIUS: The sagitterian is wild in bed. They are usually the ” whenever-the-mood-strikes” kind of lovers. So , if you are into doing it in a public places, then count yourself lucky because he is down.



CAPRICORN: The capricorn is a bit of a freak in bed. You name it, they’ll try it. Let him feel like he is in charge in bed. But beware of possible spanking(unless you are into that too).



AQUARIUS: With Aquarius, nothing is offlimits. They are usually into sex toys and props-there is nothing wrong with that as long as you trust yourselves to give in to each other’s fantasies every once-in-a-while, then it’s all good. Try being on top, and while you are there, play with the sexual toys, or just play with each other.




PISCES: Pisces are great when it comes to reading body languages. With a Pisces partner, sex is always an amazing experience. They know exactly what you want and how you want it. Pisces are also really into role playing sexual experiences. Favourite sex position, ” reverse cowgirl”-


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  1. Yes described me and my husband perfectly he’s a Capricorn and I’m a Pisces and I believe we’re the perfect combination.

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