America’s FIRST female Muslim Judge found DEAD,body floating in a river

In other tragic new, the body of the associate judge of the New York Court of Appeals, Sheila Abdus-Salaam, was found floating in the Hudson river after being reported missing. She was America’s first ever female Muslim judge and the first African-American to sit on the New York Court of Appeals.

Unknown sources told the New York Post that there were no visible signs of trauma or foul play, but the police are investigating her death and we should know the full story in a few days.

Abus-Salaam graduated from Barnard College in 1974 and from Columbia Law School in 1977. She served as the Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights for several years before ascending to the New York State Supreme Court. Governor Cuomo nominated her for the New York Court of Appeals in 2013 – for which she was unanimously approved.

One of her biggest decisions was to rewrite the rules on how the state of New York defined parenthood, allowing same-sex couples to seek court help in custody disputes and discarding the outdated and homophobic conventions which only saw “parents” as a strict male/female binary dichotomy.

She was 65 years old.

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