All 9 of them were born MALE…be careful out there, you men!


Call me naive, but this sort of stories always fascinates me. Can you believe all nine (9) of these transgenders were born male. Hard to tell, right? Guys be careful who you ask out on a date these days… unless you’re into that sort of thing, then ride on. We can’t really tell the difference (by face value) who was born male, and who was born female anymore. To be sure, you just really have to ask that very weird question nowadays.





Meanwhile, Derrick Jaxn raised a very important point when he questioned:

“This still confuses me. So is gender no longer in our DNA? Is it just a look, or a particular feeling you have deep inside about yourself? And people act like they don’t know why everyone else is confused too. I’d like to have a dialogue without being bullied into either agreeing or not having an opinion about it.”



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