Jade African:Trendy Ankara(African)Prints

Ankara (African Print) has come a long way in mainstream fashion and on the runway. This fabric has gone from being barely noticed, and just being an “African thing” , all the way to being one of the most sort after style, with celebrities and famous people waiting in line just to have a piece of the action.  The fabric have been seen on celebrities such as Beyoncé, Gwen Stephani, Fergie, and more. So, what better way to start off this category than to bring you some of the best styles that we can find around. The first stile we are featuring is a gorgeous fit to flare gown. This dress is versatile and could be worn as a bridesmaid’s dress or a Prom dress. Whatever your pleasure is, it works all the same.

We hope you get inspired. Happy viewing!

Fan wearing in a Gorgeous Ankara Print dress
Fan wearing in a Gorgeous Ankara Print dress

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African bridemaids





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