Actor Hank Anuku Debunks Report He Infected Wife With HIV


A few days ago, several website recounted how actor Nollywood Hank Anuku supposedly gave a ‘tell all’ interview, in which he now revealed he’s HIV positive after sleeping with over 80 women in Gambia and Zambia. The actor also allegedly revealed how he infected his wife.

Well, Hank got wind of this vile report and is now speaking out about that story. The born-again actor swears he never gave such interview, and vehemently denies he’s HIV positive.

The actor recently come forward to deny the story, saying he isn’t HIV positive and did not infect his wife. In a phone chat with, Anuku expressed his displeasure over the story which has, by all means, caused his family a great deal of pain and embarrassment, especially to his wife and their kids.

The good thing is that he’s at least speaking out about it. But the bad thing is, once these rumors hit the net, its gone for good. There’s no going back. Like the Arabic proverb ” lies travel far before truth has time to put on pants.”



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