Nigeria: Suspected thieves caught and beaten to pulp after burgling a church in Asaba, Delta State

Four suspected thieves that specialised in buying stolen goods were caught after burgling a branch of Redeemed Christian Church of God in Okpanam Asaba, Delta State and carting away musical instruments and industrial fans.


However, luck ran out on the thieves when they decided to rob a building site. They were caught red-handed stealing building materials and beaten to a pulp before being handed over to the Okpanam Divisional Police Headquarters.


Three of the suspects are Hausa while one is Igbo

Source: Ossai Ovie


‘The N389million found in Fayose’s account is from his savings’- Lere Olayinka says

Media aide to embattled Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose, says the N389 million the EFCC reportedly found in Fayose’s account is from his savings. Lere said this in an interview with Channels TV Thursday July 7th.

“By EFCC’s account, they found N389 million in the account of Governor Ayo Fayose. There are people that have been accused of buying two houses in Dubai and they said they used their savings to buy the houses. So the money in the account of governor Ayo Fayose is also his savings. And even if they accuse him of buying properties, was he not having properties before he became governor in 2003? Was he not living comfortably before he became governor?”he said


Nigeria: Former PDP Publicity Secretary Olisa Metuh offered to return N400m he received from ex-NSA Dasuki …

Disgraced former Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Olisa Metuh, has offered to return N400m of the ‪#‎DasukiGate‬ funds that was traced back to him. Speaking through his lawyers, Metuh claims he’s only returning the funds as a show of good faith and support for President Buhari’s anti-corruption war. He tried. He do well!

Read (below) the full statement released by Metuh’s lawyer on his behalf:>>>

Why Our Client (Chief Olisa Metuh) is Offering To Refund The N400 million – Counsel

In the light of the circumstances regarding the case of our client, Chief Olisa Metuh with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), we want to explain the reasons for our client’s proposal to refund the N400 million released to him by former President Goodluck Jonathan, and which was expended on a project approved by the ex-President on national issues relating to his Presidency and the Federal Government at that time.

1. We want to restate that at the time the money was released to him after his presentation to the ex-President, our client had no knowledge of the source, a fact that is now obvious from the evidence of the prosecution and defence witnesses. Our client had every cause to believe that the money was from the ex-President to whom he made a presentation, received directives and rendered report and accounts accordingly.

2. When the matter first came up, and Chief Metuh was invited to the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) in December 2015, he requested to know the source of the money and expressed his readiness to make refunds if it was from government coffers, not minding that the money had been expended as directed by the former President. Officials at ONSA never got back to him as they promised, until his arrest by the EFCC in January 2016.

3. It was however while in court that a document was brought regarding the source of the money and since then, our Client has made manifest his willingness to refund the money and has indeed approached his family, friends and associates to mobilise funds to refund the entire N400 million to the government regardless of the fact that the money had been expended based on the directives of the former President and that part of the money had been recovered from one of the prosecution witnesses.

4. We want to confirm that since then, we have been in talks with the Ministry of Justice, the EFCC and other necessary bodies on how to refund the money and resolve the issue.

5. Our client occupied no government office. His commitment and dedication to his official duties have been confirmed by even prosecution witnesses. In this whole saga, he has been an unfortunate victim of circumstances. His refunding the money, therefore, goes to show his support for the anti-corruption war as well as serve as a testament to his sincerity, integrity and honesty in this matter.

6. There is no doubt that the prosecution has considerably embarked on some expenses in the course of this case. It is hoped that by not discounting the sum already recovered, whatever cost so far incurred would have been defrayed. By this, a critical objective of recovery of funds would no doubt be achieved.

7. It is pertinent to restate our client’s continued support for the anti-corruption campaign, which is necessary to ensure probity in the affairs of Nigeria to the extent that it is conducted within the rule of law.

8. Finally, it is our client’s prayer that this nation shall come through this difficult time by the grace of the Almighty God.

Onyechi Ikpeazu (SAN)
Counsel To Chief Olisa Metuh



Nigeria: Vice President Yemi Osinbajo continue to serve as church pastor

This is a press statement from the office of the Vice President regarding the matter.

Continue, to read below;

Our attention has been drawn to a false publication by a certain online medium, to the effect that Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, has resigned as a Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. The report is misleading and completely baseless.

Prof. Osinbajo continues to serve as a Pastor in the RCCG, honoring the call of God on his life. He is in fact the Pastor-in-Charge of RCCG Lagos Province 48, a position he has held in the past three years and in which he continues to serve. This completely fabricated report should be ignored and disregarded in its entirety.

Laolu Akande
Senior Special Assistant-Media & Publicity In the Office of the Vice President April 20, 2016


PDP leadership asks former President Jonathan to address the $2.1bn arms deal scandal

PDP leadership are starting to ask some serious questions about former President Goodluck Jonathan’s involvement in the ongoing scandalous $2.1bn arms deal. A number of people have been brought in for questining, arrested and charged in connection with misappropriation of funds. Speaking during a press conference held January 11th in Abuja, The Deputy National Publicity Secretary of PDP, Abdulahi Jalo, called on Jonathan to address the issue considering the funds were approved to former NSA Sambo Dasuki by him. What he said, below;

“As all of you know, no single kobo can be spent by the Federal Government without an act of the National Assembly. Money earmarked for arms purchase, some people diverted it to something else.

So many people that you cannot even expect were involved. Now, darkness has come to light. Jonathan is alive, he should clarify whether he asked the National Security Adviser to divert money meant to fight Boko Haram into his campaign. I’m from the North-East and I know the terrible security situation our people are facing there.

The money was meant to fight Boko Haram, and we all know that you can’t rule without peace. Now darkness has given way for the light. It was not only members of the PDP that shared the money; members of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, Accord Party and the Social Democratic Party, among others, also shared.

At least, Chief Olu Falae is not a member of the PDP. All of them should return the money. Then, (former) President Jonathan must speak on it. He is still alive. Has he ever said anything like this to Dasuki, ‘go and take from the money meant for the war against Boko Haram and share for my campaign’? It is time for him to speak up,” he said.


Man caught smuggling four gold bars hidden in his rectum after airport security noticed him walking funny…lol

A man has been arrested at Sri Lanka’s international airport after allegedly smuggling gold bars hidden in his rectum. The 42-year-old was caught by customs officials at Bandaranaike International Airport after they noticed he was ”finding it hard to walk’.

Upon closer inspection, the man, who claimed to be working for the Sri Lankan government, was found to have hidden four 100g gold bars in his rectal cavity.

The man, from a suburb of Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo, had been spotted by customs staff after arriving on a midnight flight from Singapore. Seeing that the man was ‘walking suspiciously,’ airport security stopped to search him, custom’s spokesman Leslie Gamini told the BBC.

Officials found 400g of gold, in the form of four bars, hidden in his rectum. The gold is reportedly worth around two million Sri Lankan rupees (£9,350)

He claimed to be ‘Coordinating Secretary to the Ministry of Post, Postal Services and Muslim Religious Affairs,’ according to Sri Lankan newspaper The Nation. The man has now been arrested pending investigation.

According to Sri Lankan officials, more than 70 people have been arrested for smuggling gold in 2015 alone.



Boko Haram victim shunned by her community for having rapist’s child

Aisha Musa was kidnapped by Boko Haram militants who killed her family, and forced her at gunpoint to become a jihadi bride.

“They show you a gun, and then whatever they say you have to follow their command,” Musa said.
She told CBS News her captor would lock her in during the day. At night, he would rape her.

“He would go on operations and kill people, and then come home and force me to be with him.”

Musa was rescued by the Cameroon military, but the worst of her ordeal was finding out she was pregnant by her rapist.

“I am not enjoying that I have a baby from a Boko Haram man,” she said. But she is resigned and there are moments of tenderness between her and her young child.

Musa never saw the Chibok girls but often heard the fighters speak of them. Like many of the other girls, they too were forced to marry the militants.

In a double injustice, many are now stigmatized by their community. Girls like Musa are regarded as spoiled goods, her baby a very public reminder of a cruel and unfair shame.

Aisha Musa has been living in the crowded Minawao refugee camp for seven months. She survives by selling corn meal at the local market.
Source: CBS


President Obama appoints 34-year old Nigerian, Adewale Adeyemo as his new deputy adviser for International Economic affairs

President Barack Obama has appointed Adewale Adeyemo, who served in top roles at the Treasury Department, to succeed Caroline Atkinson as his deputy national security adviser for international economic affairs.

Adeyemo, 34, joined the White House’s National Economic Council as deputy director this fall from the Treasury, where he served most recently as the deputy chief of staff to Secretary Jacob Lew. He was the Treasury’s lead negotiator on the currency agreement that was part of the Pacific trade deal.

Adeyemo also worked on Treasury’s response to crises in Ukraine and Greece and in 2010 was one of the first officials charged with standing up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The position will serve as a springboard to even higher profile international finance posts for him.



Meet mother of 4 who wants to be Somalia’s first female President…


Fadumo Dayib announced her bid to run for President of Somalia last year which will be held in 2016. The 42-year-old mother of four was born to illiterate Somali parents. She spent 12 years as a healthcare and development specialist with organizations such as the European Union and United Nations. Dayib is a doctoral candidate at the University of Helsinki and fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and she’s getting a lot of support.