700 people have claimed to be related to Prince since he died…

Since the tragic and unexpected death of Prince in April, nearly 700 men and women have come forward claiming to be long lost relative of the late singer just to have a piece of his fortune.

Prince’s estate, currently valued at $300 million, has drawn people out from all over but according to Harvey Morse of Morse Genealogical Services, there’s only one person who stands to inherit some of Prince’s wealth.

“Our phone has been ringing off the hook, I would say we have received between 600 and 700 calls,” Morse said. “‘They run the gamut, literally from ‘We lived in the same area so we must be related’, to ‘We have pictures of Prince at our family reunion.’ ”

Although the calls have been non-stop, Morse isn’t accepting the claims at face value and wants solid proof of the alleged blood-relationship of those claiming to be related to late music icon. “I like official documents,” he said. “Birth, marriage, death, divorce certificates, census records, that sort of thing – papers that were drawn up without any thought of this eventuality.”

Prince is known to have one full sister, Tyka Nelson and five half-brothers and sisters Sharon, Norrine and John Nelson, Omarr Baker and Alfred Jackson, two of which are dead.

With the legacy of his Paisley Park compound rumored to be memorialized by turning his massive abode into a museum, the alleged 700 family members and fans will be able to get a glimpse of the life of one of music’s most revered and revolutionary artists. But Paisley Park isn’t the only Prince real estate that could be hitting the market.

According to TMZ back in 2010, Prince purchased a 10,000 square foot, 10 bedroom and 10 bathroom fortress on the island of Providenciales in Turks and Caicos and the current asking price is $12 million.

The mansion comes with a tennis court, 200 foot boat dock and its own private white sand beach.

Although Prince never fully moved in, it is lightly furnished with a few items in the house from the Purple Rain movie, including a mirror and a few chairs.


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