41-year-old British man allegedly murdered 22-year-old Kenyan girlfriend, flushed her medication down the toilet


Ashley Agumbi, 22, died from diabetes-related complications in November of 2014 after her British boyfriend Carl Singleton, 41, flushed her insulin medication down the toilet following an argument they had. He allegedly locked her in the house in spite of her deteriorating condition. The cause of their argument is yet to be determined.

The Nairobi University student died after suffering hypertension and respiratory failures at a hospital in Eastleigh.

Singleton made his first appearance in court back in December and was released, but the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keriako Tobiko, revisited the file and ordered his re-arrest. He is scheduled to appear in court later this week following his re-arrest near the Jomo Kenyatta airport while attempting to leave the country. Culled.



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