15-year-old Sasha Obama lands her first summer job at seafood restaurant [photos]

At the White House, Sasha Obama has a staff of cooks waiting to fulfill her every craving 24/7.
But this summer, the first daughter is learning what it’s like to serve others by taking on a rather unglamorous summer job at a seafood restaurant. The Obama’s youngest daughter, 15, is currently working at Nancy’s restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard, a local hot spot serving up fried seafood and milkshakes.


Photos show the first daughter in her uniform of a blue t-shirt and hat and khaki banks, ringing up take-out orders for hungry customers.

The Obama’s have been trying to raise their daughters as normally as possible during their dad’s two terms as president, which may explain why Sasha is getting a taste of working life at the popular island resort


The Boston Herald reports that Sasha has been going by her full name of Natasha at the restaurant, where she is protected by six Secret Service agents stationed rather conspicuously on the takeout benches during her shifts.

‘She’s been working downstairs at takeout,’ said a server at the restaurant. ‘We were wondering why there were six people helping this girl, but then we found out who it was.’

Nancy’s is a favorite with the Obama family who regulatory visit the spot while on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.


The Obamas are said to be friends with Nancy’s owner Joe Moujabber who set Sasha up with her summer job. Sasha has reportedly been working the four-hour shift early in the morning.

She is believed to be working there until Saturday, around when the rest of the family are expected to arrive for the president’s annual summer vacation.

At the end of her shift on Tuesday, the 15-year-old was seen bringing her security contingent food before climbing into the SUV and taking off.

‘She’s been around for a few days,’ one of the girls at the takeout window said. ‘It’s pretty random.’

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