10 Pounds of Weed Found Inside Stephanie Moseley and Earl Hayes’s Apartment



The plot thickens as police and investigators found 10 pounds of high grade marijuana stashed inside the upscale apartment where Money Team rapper Early Hayes fatally shot his wife, actress-dancer Stephanie Moseley, before turning the gun on himself.


The bodies of Moseley, 30, and Hayes were found inside the apartment they shared at Palazzo East next door to The Grove in Los Angeles, CA., on Monday.




TMZ reports Hayes shot Moseley multiple times in a bathtub while boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. listened to the murder on FaceTime.


TMZ also reported that Hayes called Mayweather on FaceTime in a rage because he suspected his wife was cheating on him with singer Trey Songz. Mayweather reportedly berated Hayes on FaceTime and called him weak for not divorcing his wife.


There was so much weed in the house where a rapper shot his famous wife Monday in a murder-suicide, it required an armed guard to protect the stash as it was taken to a police lab.


We’re told cops found nearly 10 pounds of high-grade marijuana inside the L.A. apartment. It’s an enormous amount of pot … way more than for personal use. The estimated street value approaches $40K.


As we reported, Mayweather was riling Hayes up during the call, telling him he should divorce his wife because she was habitually unfaithful … allegedly having flings with various singers and rappers including Trey Songz. Hayes flew into a rage, walked into the bathroom and began firing.





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