10 Effective Ways To Fight Bad Breath/Mouth Odour

Bad breath is one of the most easy and common things to get. It could stem  from food choices, down to a terrible case of morning breath, or even medical condition called halitosis. We’ve all at one time or another experience or dealt with that embarrassing odour or bad breath. What makes this even more terrible is that its a lot more harder to get rid of it than it is to “catch” it. So we have done all the leg work for you. All you need to do now is start implementing some of the tips we have layed out for you.


1. Brushing and Flossing:

Millions of bacteria calls our mouth their home. When you have that many bacteria living in a small wet place such as the mouth, it is mportant to keep it clean by brushing and flossing regularly to remove as many bacteria as possible. The more you brush, the less bacteria there is in your mouth.  The recommended number of times is a minimum of twice a day and make sure you scrub every cornrs of your mouth and remove particles.

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2. Clean Your Tongue: 

Scientific research suggests that there are sme bacteria on top of your tongue that coats and protects against foul smells. But there are those other bacteria which manufacture foul odour as they grow and multiple in number. This means that the type of bacteria most present in your tongue could just be the difference between good and bad breath. The unfortunate part is that we do not know how to determin which one is the ” good bacteria” and which is the “bad bacteria. So, to be on a safer side, scrub your tongue from top to bottom and have a personal mouth examination. You’d know if there are are changes in your mouth situation.


3. Hydrate At Night Before Bed:

The leading cause of bad breath is dehydration. At night when we are asleep, the body produces less saliva than when we are awake when we eat, drink and keep ourselves hydrated. Another important fact is that saliva contains oxygen, which slows down the growth of bacteria. So that means, when you are asleep, and not producing saliva, the oxygen level reduces, causing the body to experience a highly level of dehydration. So, hydrating yourself well enough before going to bed helps reduce bad breath in the morning. You may have to wake up more times than normal to go to the bathroom, but you’d be happy when you don’t have to wake up to your morning funk.


4. Don’t Rely On Mints and Gums:

Putting you faith in the hands of minty gums is like bathing yourself in cologne to cover up body odour. It may work for a little while, but eventually the smell will break through. A mint or piece of chewing gum simply won’t kill the bacteria that cause mouth odor. Plus, if the mint or gum contains sugar, it will act as a free-lunch for the bacteria in your mouth. They will rapidly reproduce and release the volatile sulfur compounds, that cause bad breath. Its possible that your bad breath could be as a result of an undiagnosed medical condition. Again, regular medical check up is a necessity! Get used to doing that.


5. Understanding The Culinary Bandits:

There  are foods that you can eat that  affects a the way your breath smells. So, if you’re one of those people who have bad breath, it’s time to examine your dinner plate. Onions and Garlic takes the lead on this one.  Foods that contains high levels of protein and low-levels of carb (dieter take note). Though these foods may promote your weightloss goal, it sadly doesn’t do the same for your breath. Eating less than 100grams of carbohydrates a day can trigger a condition known as Ketosis which is a metabolic state that causes your body to burn fat instead of sugar. However, if you’re committed to your weightloss goals, you could still freshen your breath by doing one simple thing with the world’s most common liquid..See number six



6. WATER!!! Make Rinsing A Big Part of Your DailyRoutine:

What you drink can cause bad breath, too. Consuming alcohol, acidic beverage, including soda, coffee, will release compounds into your bloodstream that will then release odors through your breath. A key piece of information is if your drink is high in acidic componenets, it reduces the pH level in your mouth: And  lower pH level allows bacteria a free-reign in your mouth and release volatile sulfur compounds, which smell similar to a rotten egg.


7. Try Natural Remedies: 

If you’re serious about combating bad breath, chase your meal with fresh minty leaf…yes! If you are up for the challenge. It works like magic, both on your breath, and also serves as a source of veggie. You could also do green tea right after meal, or sip it throughout the day. Green tea helps keep your breath fresh because it has antibacterial compounds that fight the germs in your mouth. Up the ante by using a cinnamon stick to stir your tea; cinnamon has essential oils that fight stinky breath, too


8. Explore With Food That Smells Good:

There are certain foods that smell good — and make your breath smell and taste good, too. For example, fruits high in vitamin C, such as; Grapes, Melons, berries and citrus fruits such as oranges. These fruits doesn’t sit well with the bacteria in your mouth. Instead of continuing to reproduce, the bacteria will begin to die. And the more C-laden fruits you eat, the more oral germs you’ll kill. Other foods option that works magic are, crunchy fruits and vegetables like Celery, carrots, apples. Any other foods that has high levels of fiber would works awesomely well too!


9. Lose The Cigarette..ASAP:

If you’re one of the million of people who smoke, then you know that bad breath is somethig that you face on a day-to-day-basis. Not only do cigarettes release a cocktail of chemicals into the mouth, but they also cause a host of other problems to your overall health and wellness.


10.  Regular Dental Check up: 

If you haven’t eaten garlic in six months, you’ve given up acidic drinks and you end each meal by eating a raw apple instead of a sugary dessert. But you still have bad breath, and you’re still wondering what to do about it. Unfortunately, one of the most common causes of persistent bad breath is also one of the most overlooked: a lack of regularly scheduled visits to your dentist.  The WHO strongly recommends we have a professional cleaning regularly. For most people, twice a year should suffice. For others who experience tartar buildup more quickly, four times a year may be necessary. The professional cleaning process not only removes tartar from the teeth, which if untreated could lead to periodontal disease, but it also can identify any infected areas that need treatment. So make regular dental check up a routine to avoid preventable medical and non medical issues. We hope this helps!

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